Bringing Labradoodle love from our family to your family.

Labradoodles in B.C. We are Labradoodle breeders of Miniature, Medium and Standard Labradoodle Puppies.

We have one beautiful medium Australian Labradoodle puppy available and a eleven new babies. Each Labradoodle Puppy begins life with our Head Start Labradoodle Puppy Training. Every day we plan to feature one of Bella's eleven puppies so that you can watch them grow up. Ready for loving Doulton has a movie on our available puppies page

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Guini's Labradoodle Puppy Care Blog

Guini, an experienced mum has her own puppy care blog. She would love you to follow her.

cream labradoodle mum

For useful care information click on Guini's picture to get to her Blog

Over The Moon Labradoodles

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The Labradoodle and Allergies

We strive to breed puppies that are non-shedding and allergy friendly. If you have concerns about allergies in your house please find more information about the labradoodle and allergies on our Labradoodles and Allergies Information page.

Our Flying Doodles - Plane Travel for our Labradoodle Puppies

Our puppies have flown all over North America and even to Europe. They can do this easily because we make sure before they set out on their journey they are crate trained and are old enough to travel. Our puppies stay with us until they are 11 weeks of age. They are spayed or neutered and have had two out of the three sets of vaccinations. They receive Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine if they are older and go to play group. International travelers receive a rabies vaccine. Usually puppies travel more easily than many humans, Jean included.

Doulton our Available Labradoodle Puppy really hopes to be somebody's special Valentine

cream labradoodle puppy

Doulton sleeps in his crate all night, walks on leash and sits nicely for kibble. Please click on Doulton's picture above to see his movie and to find out more about him.

Caring For a Labradoodle Puppy

In order to keep your puppy happy he will need regular grooming. For information about Labradoodle style please check out our Labradoodle Grooming page. button for labradoodle grooming page

We also have doggie health care information just a click away. button for designer puppies

Click on the picture of our grand daughter making puppy friends to go to our puppy movie page.

4 week old labradoodle and little girl


black labradoodle and woman

Dear Jean

Chico is 1 1/2 tomorrow - where did the time go. He really is the most wonderful little fellow with a great sense of fun, easily making friends with all the dogs & people he meets. Here he is yesterday outside the groomers with his spring cut. Thank you for the best little companion I could ask for. Sadie & Chester certainly produce special puppies.


boy and labradoodle

Labradoodle Training

A labradoodle is a sensitive dog and training is easy. We begin the training process here when the puppy is very young.

Please Click on Mother Guinivere's Picture below to find out about our Head Start Puppy training program.

black labradoodle mum

Our Standard Labradoodle Puppy Grandmother, Guinivere

Guini has her own blog on the subject of LABRADOODLE PUPPY CARE AND TRAINING

Introducing our week old litter of Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies

This is our precious Jade at six days

A basket of Labradoodle Puppies

six day old labradoodle puppy

Please click on the puppy picture to learn more about them.

This is mother Bella with her brood

labradoodle mother and newborn puppies

This is Bella and her eleven puppies. Such a busy and devoted mother!! Please click on Bella's family picture above to see his movie and to find out more about them.

Happy Healthy Labradoodle Puppies

To make sure our labradoodle dogs are of the highest quality we do health testing for both parents. Our Little Button Puppy will lead you to the information about our testing. button for our health testing page Our puppies come with a health guarantee. button for link to health guarantee We stimulate newborn puppies to ensure optimum neurological growth using the Bio Sensor program developed by the US military for their working dogs. button for puppy development page

We also use Tellington Touch to calm our labradoodle puppies as they grow and make their way in the world.button for puppy development page

We take great care that each puppy goes through our Head Start Puppy Program which is outlined on our Head Start Puppy Page button for labradoodle puppy training information

Labradoodles' Temperament

We love the Australian Labradoodle for his joyful temperament and wish to make our contribution to the growth and development of this breed.

There is all kinds of Labradoodle Puppy information in our pages.

 labradoodle puppy

We have a very small breeding program and our aim is to provide a few, loved Australian labradoodle puppies that will be healthy family pets. Australian Labradoodles were designed to fit with today's families.

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 Australian Labradoodles have a naturally happy, affectionate temperament but as with a puppy of any breed they require constant attention and socialization in those early weeks to bring our their wonderful potential.

Labradoodle Puppy Training

labradoodle puppies in dining room

Our puppies have a head start in life with our individual Head Start Puppy training.

They learn to come and sit at our feet for a kibble which is the first step in puppy manners. They learn to follow us outside. They meet 50 different people before they go home so they are used to strangers. They play with children and they learn to sleep in their crate at night.

Puppies In the Dining Room

labradoodle puppies in dining room

We are often asked if our puppies are raised in the house or an out building. It is a good and important question. These are Guinivere's puppies when they were little. After three weeks of age they come down from the nursery to their new home in the dining room. Dinner parties are relegated to the garage until puppies are old enough to be part of the household.

Adopting an Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a big step. We have found that our Australian Labradoodle families put a great deal of thought and care into their decision. Many families have done extensive research and are interested in the history of the Australian Labradoodle button for
Labradoodle History as well as the differences between the different types of Labradoodles. button for Labradoodle types We have tried to provide as much information as we can about how you can prepare for the new arrival and happily bring a puppy into your home. button for labradoodle adoption page

On our Adopting A Labrdoodle Page We have information about Australian Labradoodle care and easy tips for introducing a Labradoodle Puppy to young children. button for labradodles and children We have training ideas and a page of online Labradoodle shopping possibilities. We also love to share your Labradoodle stories and pictures. button for labradoodle stories and pictures link

Our dogs have brought us such amazing joy. Every time we place a dog with a family we relive the happy excitement of the arrival of a new puppy. It is the best!

A letter from a puppy mum who has become our friend through emails and puppy love.

My Labradoodle Puppy Adoption

I have been meaning to write about how much this now 7 month old puppy has enriched my life. I got Lucca when he was five months and spent a couple of months sending numerous emails back and forth to Jean. I really felt I bonded and got to know him through her and her messages and even videos of my little guy. Lucca is a medium black with the most fun loving nature in the world. He is playful and yet gentle, he is frisky and yet calm and he learns faster than any dog I have ever met. I was told to stay away from the Labradoodle Breed, mostly from people who have not researched and learned that these are not a lab with a high strung poodle disposition. The Australian Labradoodle is a wonderful breed of it's own and I feel so lucky to have met Jean on line and now have the very best dog in the world ( a bit biased) They have the most wonderful calm nature and they are very smart. Whenever I take him to some ones place they comment on how good and calm he is and how he is welcome back anytime, even for a sleepover sometimes. :) I have also been taking him to doggy daycare and they love him there. They say he has so much fun and that he gets all the other dogs playing and there isn't a dog there that doesn't like him too. I told a staff member that he just loved going there as he gets so excited on the way in and she said " Well we love having him here" and smiled. We are in the car a lot as we live in the city and he does not make a peep in the car. He is so good. We had a little car sickness issue for a bit if we travel too far , but he seems to have been fine lately. I just wanted to express to anyone checking out this breed that if you are serious about getting one of these Doodles you are making a very good decision. Thank you Jean and Liz

Sherry and Lucca Starr

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