Available Labradoodle Puppies

We now have one available Medium Labradoodle puppy Ready to go to his home

Our medium girl, Bella has had eleven beautiful puppies

Doulton is an available medium Australian Labradoodle puppy.

Doulton is 11 weeks old and has had two families want him and because of quickly changing circumstances couldn't take him. We love him and he is fitting in with our family of dogs. He is doing well with his potty training and sleeps through the night in his crate. Doulton is a happy puppy who loves to cuddle anybody with an available knee.

Doulton is a medium boy from our sweet natured Lexi and Canadoodles' terrific Xavier.

This is little Goldie an available girl born February 4th

Pretty little Goldie has a wiggle when she walks and comfy is her goal.

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Goldie is an available medium Australian Labradoodle puppy. This is a movie from when she was two days old.

Doulton will grow to be in the 35 pound range.He will have a curly coat which is a solid, non shedding coat and excellent for people with allergies.

Doulton had a lovely evaluation at 8 weeks. Evaluators found him ready to work and wanting to learn. He is very motivated by his favourite rewards, loving and food. Daulton sleeps in a crate by himself and is learning to go pottty outside.

 labradoodle chocolate mum


Doulton's mother Lexi has a curly wool coat. Her babies are always very allergy friendly.

Her first family with Xavier has some beauiful puppies, now grown up. One of them is Bella, who is also a lovely Australian Labradoodle mother for us. you may see Bella on our Labradoodle Mothers page.

Choosing your Puppy from Over The Moon

Although it is nice to have the colour of puppy you like the best and the sex you feel will fit your family it is the disposition of the puppy that you love. Do you want a playful pup who can happily spend time with a family of five children or would you rather a quieter companion who loves long country walks. Eveybody has a wish list when they think of a puppy.

This is why at eight weeks we bring in two very skilled dog trainers to evaluate the predisposition and temperament of each puppy. Rather than placing a puppy by the sex or the colour we try to find the puppy with all of the qualities that will fit with your family.

This works well for families as well as puppies who now never have to live up to unrealistic expectations. Whether you want a therapy dog, a dog to fit in to a family with special needs, an agility champion or just a friend to cuddle at the end of the day we try our best to match your family with the right puppy. We hope that you both will fall in love.

To see pictures of their parents please go to our Labradoodle Mothers page and our Labradoodle Fathers page.


black labradoodle mum

Guini has her own blog on the subject of LABRADOODLE PUPPY CARE AND TRAINING

Guini follows us everywhere and she would love it if you would follow her blog.

Click Tessa and puppy Bobby's picture below to see our movie page.

chocolate phantom labradoodle puppy and little girl

We Give Your Labradoodle Puppy a Head Start

Head Start Labradoodle Puppy Training helps your puppy learn to focus. Click on this picture of Savannah and her babies to see our Head Start video.

four hours old labradoodle puppies

Our puppies stay with us until they are between 10 and 11 weeks. At this time they have had their Head Start Puppy training and they are ready for their family to come here and collect them or to travel.

Labradoodle Mother, Bella has eleven beautiful puppies

This is Jade at six days old

 labradoodle cream mum

Bella and Cagne's puppies will have curly to wavy nonshedding coats. They will be allergy friendly. Cagne is a small young man at 18 pounds and Bella is 35 pounds. Puppies will be in the 20 to 25 pound range.

We have eight little boys, black Slate, Shale and Flint who has a white mark on his chest, pale gold Jade and Jasper, cream Rocky and chocolate Garnet. The girls are cream Opal, gold Goldie and brown Amber.

If you are interested in one of these puppies, email us or call Jean at 250 442 0065.

Bella's puppies should be going to their homes sometime in the second week of April.

This is Jasper

 labradoodle cream mum

We introduce puppies to sleeping in a crate and teach them to come and sit nicely as part of our Head Start Puppy training program.

 labradoodle cream mum

Olive and her puppies.

We allow the puppies to grow and develop before any decisions are made about an individual puppy's future.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please call Jean at 250 442 0065.

10 day old old labradoodle puppies

Our puppies will be neutered, microchipped for identification and have had two out of three sets of vaccinations before they go home at 10 weeks.

This Little Video was Taken at Two Weeks Old

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