Our families of Medium and of Standard Astralian Labradoodles have Arrived!

Coco is the proud mother of eight.

three week old phantom labradoodle puppy

Coco puppy, Giorgio

We have four little girls, Caleche, LouLou, Chantilly and Shalimar. Our sweet little boys are Stetson, Hugo, Mr. Burberry and Giorgio, pictured above.

Coco and Barnaby puppies finish at about 35 to 45 pounds. Fynn, the labradoodle below will give you an idea of their size. They will be ready for their homes around the 10th of June.

Coco puppy, Stetson

three week old phantom labradoodle puppy

There are two spaces on Coco's puppy family list. If you are interested please call Jean at 250 442 0065.

Small Medium/Large Miniature puppies coming in June

Olive Blossom

mother labradoodle to be

Olive and Paddington are expecting a family in June that will be able to go to their homes at the end of August. These puppies will have curly, allergy friendly coats and very sweet dispositions. They should finish between 22 and 25 pounds. This will be little Olive's first litter.

We are accepting three deposits on this litter.

If you are interested please call Jean at 250 442 0065.

This is Over The Moon's third and last litter of 2017.

Father Paddington

miniature labradoodle stud

Meet Fynn and his new puppy friend, Lucy

Fynn is a Coco and Barnaby Tango puppy who is now two years old

a phantom labradoodle and puppy friend

Coco and Barnaby Tango make such stunning and lovely puppies that this will be the third time we have used this pair together.

Click Tessa and puppy Bobby's picture below to see our movie page.

chocolate phantom labradoodle puppy and little girl

Our Standard Labradoodle puppies have arrived

Lexi and Joey have had two boys, Cognac and Bailey, and three girls, Tia Maria, Carolans and Amaretto. Joey is a larger standard boy and he and Lexi is a small standard. Their puppies are chocolate, sweet and each one is doing well. The puppies will be ready to go home the third week in June when they are between 10 and 11 weeks.

mother labradoodle and puppies

Lexi and her puppies when they were just hours old.

There are two puppies available from this litter.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please call Jean at 250 442 0065.

Lexi's standard puppies have lovely curly fleece coats and gentle temperaments. Joey is a perfect gentleman and Lexi is the love of our life. The puppies from their last litter are wonderful dogs.

The puppies should not be enormous standards. Lexi is a smaller standard and Joey is very sturdy and 21 inches at the shoulder.

Our puppies will be neutered, microchipped for identification and have had two out of three sets of vaccinations before they go home at 10 weeks.

We crate train our puppies and teach them to come and sit nicely as part of our Head Start Puppy training program.

Each of our puppies participates in our Head Start Labradoodle Puppy training program.

Guini has her own blog on the subject of LABRADOODLE PUPPY CARE AND TRAINING

Guini follows us everywhere and she would love it if you would follow her blog.

We Give Your Labradoodle Puppy a Head Start

Head Start Labradoodle Puppy Training helps your puppy learn to focus. Click on this picture of Savannah and her babies to see our Head Start video.

four hours old labradoodle puppies

Choosing the right labradoodle puppy for you.

We consult with families as to which puppy will have the best temperament and disposition to fit in with their family and their needs. Of course we take the family's colour preference into consideration and we do placement while discussing the various puppies with the families. We have a professional puppy evaluation at eight weeks. Our team of evaluators uses the Pat Hastings Puppy Puzzle method of assessing each puppy.

We now are doing a fairly lengthy temperament evaluation of each puppy using the method developed by Avidog. This better helps us understand the many characteristics of each puppy so we can best match them to a family.

After the evaluations are both completed we talk to the families and together we make the final decision which puppy is most suited to which family.

Our goal is to have happy families and happy puppies.

Our puppies stay with us until they are between 10 and 11 weeks. At this time they have had their Head Start Puppy training and they are ready for their family to come here and collect them or to travel.


black labradoodle mum

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