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Labradoodle Puppies B.C. Your Faithful Puppy to Love is Waiting

B.C. Australian Labradoodle breeders with High Quality Health tested puppies since 2006 From our family to yours.

Australian Labradoodles For Sale in BC Canada

Trained Labradoodles at Over The Moon Labradoodles ------ At Over the Moon Labradoodles in Grand Forks, B.C. all of our puppies go home with Head Start Puppy training. They will go to the bathroom either in a potty box or outside, they will have been introduced to a crate, be able to come and sit for a kibble and will have met new people every day for their socialization.

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Large Medium Tri Coloured Labradoodles will be born in March!

The Black and Tan girl is Capri our large medium mother to be, The brown and cream boy is our wonderful father to be, Newman. Capri and Newman are expecting puppies in March. This is the time to be part of their Puppy Family Waitlist.

We have wonderful available miniature Labradoodle puppies from Amber and Ewok. Puppies are potty trained, well socialized and ready to be wonderful companions. We have one little chocolate puppy still available from Eva and Canadoodles Jonesy.

We Are Waiting For a Litter of Large medium/Smaller Standard Labradoodles to be Born.

To make sure you don’t miss out on these special Australian Labradoodle puppies email us at

We are training Alexander and his sisters and brothers.It is going well and have some videos of their progress on our movie page!


Standard Labradoodles Expected

Watching puppies go out into the world and cuddling with our older dogs every evening has perhaps made me sentimental. Please forgive me.

Perhaps you know this poem by Emanuele Grandi. It is for everybody who has ever loved a dog.

If you are afraid of having given me few caresses, you should know that I have not forgotten even one.If you regret having scolded me even once, you should know that I don’t even remember it.If you think you’ve left me alone for too long, you should know that I’ve always been waiting for you.If you are afraid of having spent little time with me, you should know that I, even that little, have enjoyed every moment.If you think you’ve played little with me, you should know that I’ve never counted the times you threw the ball at me.If you think I’ve forgotten about your perfume, you should know that even now I’m smelling it in the wind.If you wanted to be reborn in another life, you should know that I would like to be your puppy in that one too.If you are convinced that you have some flaws, you should know that for me you have been the perfect one.If you believe that love can have an end, you should know that in my heart the place of love is infinite.If you think you have regrets about me, you should know that I would not change a single second of the life I have spent with you.If you think I no longer hear your voice when you call me, just entrust the sunset breeze with the task of bringing me your words.If you think I can forget your face, you should know that I wanted to live alone to enjoy your look.If you think I could have loved someone more than you, you should know that I have loved you more than myself.If you think I would like a soft sofa, know that with you I would also have slept on the stones.If you think I wanted more than you gave me, you should know that I’ve always felt like the happiest puppy in the world.If you have ever felt alone, you should know that I have never left my place next to you.If you think my life has been short, you should know that I wouldn’t have wanted to live a minute longer if I hadn’t spent it by your side.If you are afraid that I am no longer near you, know that as soon as you close your eyes I will fall asleep next to you.If you think you have not made the right decision, you should know that I have always trusted you.Always

Labradoodles on Vacation

Labradoodles enjoy camping vacations and are great travel companions. Anything you want to do with your Labradoodle start it when they are young.


Looking Back.....Sending Labradoodle Puppy Henrietta to her new Home

Henrietta travels to New York, first on a helicopter to Kelowna and then by private plane to New York. Henrietta is now part of the Lauder family.


Labradoodle puppy Lulu is growing up

Shelby’s puppy Lulu is growing to be a sweet and beautiful girl.

If you would like to welcome a puppy like Lulu into your family Shelby is planning a family for spring.

She is taking a well deserved rest and will be bred again in early 2024.

We are taking family names for our lovely Larger Medium puppy Shelby list.

Brave Little Labradoodle, Woofy Jean on Evacuation Alert


Labradoodle Puppy Kelpie finds Perfect family


On the right is sweet Amber our Miniature Labradoodle mother. Her adorable mate is Canadoodles Ewok. We are so happy to have a beautiful litter from Amber and Ewok.  Find their remaining available puppies who potty trained and well socialized.  They are on our Available puppies page.

Amber and Ewok’s family will be perfect for those who wish a dog small enough to travel under the air plane seat.

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