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All The Things A Puppy Will Need To Know

One thing I have noticed my Australian Labradoodle puppies is that they learn lots in the first six months of life.  Teach your Labradoodle puppy right away things you will want them to do when they are grown like, stay off the couch or go in the car.  After that they would prefer to cruise on what they know.  Actually, they can learn lots of stuff like dance steps and finding the treasure at any age.  However,  stuff about the world like ‘hats are not scary’ or ‘people are not waiting to steal my food’ are things best learned young.

If you want puppy to behave a certain way try to do it young.  I know a very smart, lovely dog who decided he had better not eat when he was staying at a relation’s house because mum and dad were on vacation.  I understand this.  Loyalty has its price.

I think it might be a great idea to practise sleep overs….with dining involved…when the puppy is young.   I know my friend Annabel has certain issues about going to the bathroom on a leash because she never had to do this as a young puppy.  We all have our problems.

Anyway, trying to figure out all the things puppy will need to do as a grown up and giving them a little practice when he is young is a good idea.

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