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Dining With Others

We Australian Labradoodles love to eat.  It is important we learn not to guard our food.  I am old and know that the little girl who comes to visit is not going to eat my kibble.  She eats her own cookies. A good way to teach your Labradoodle puppy to chill out at the food dish is to practise with a child.  Have a visitor or a child put treats in his bowl at Mealtime while he is eating.  Your Australian Labradoodle puppy will learn that a stranger near the food dish is the bringer of  added goodies not a nefarious kibble thief.

When you Labradoodle puppy is worried about a good meaty bone and growls when people come near him while he eats it is a good idea to  practise trading.  Take your puppy’s bone away and give him a wonderful liver treat with the other hand. When he gobbles the treat return his bone.  He will learn he will get that people give great stuff and not to worry.  This will make everybody relax when an older dog is eating or has a bone to chew.

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