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Labradoodle Genetic Guarantee

Do Australian Labradoodles Have Health Issues? Here In the photos are four generations of Australian Labradoodles Black mother Shelby, in the centre Grandmother Carmella, our sweet great grandmother Savannah an in the next picture Shelby’s puppy Olivia.

Over The Moon Australian Labradoodles Health Guarantee

We at Over The Moon Australian Labradoodles guarantee that your puppy will arrive disease free.
The buyer must have their Veterinarian check the puppy within 48 hours upon receipt of the puppy.
The puppy must be at all times in a protected environment i.e. not on a leash in a public place, until a full two weeks after the puppy’s third and final set of inoculations in order to make this guarantee valid.
Stress can often cause the puppy to have diarrhea or tummy upset. Please contact us and follow the instructions if this becomes a problem. Costs of minor ailments that are due to puppy stress are not covered by this guarantee. Illness contracted either during travel or after the puppy is in your home is not covered by this guarantee.
We do cover veterinary bills if in consultation with our veterinarian it is decided by your veterinarian that the puppy had an illness before he left our home.
We guarantee the genetic health of your puppy.
We guarantee that our puppies do not have life threatening genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, blindness caused by a genetic disorder, VWB, Addisons or Addisons diseases. We will guarantee this for three years from the birth of the puppy.
It is the responsibility of the puppy owner to have their veterinarian contact our veterinarian with any health concerns that the puppy owner’s veterinarian believes could be genetic in origin. Testing should be done and sent to a specialist in the pertinent field. If the specialist believes the health problem to be genetic in origin the specialist will send the report to the Veterinarian of Over The Moon Labradoodles, Dr. Ruth Sims of Kettle River Veterinary Services, Grand Forks.
If it is decided between the testing veterinarian and the breeder’s veterinarian that the health problem is genetic in origin the breeder will either pay bills directly to a licensed Veterinarian up to $500 less than the amount of the original purchase price or the breeder will replace the puppy as soon as possible from the next suitable litter. The breeder will either rehome the puppy or the family may choose to keep the puppy.
Over The Moon Australian Labradoodles can only reimburse the puppy owner after appropriate specialist testing has been done rather than the diagnoses of the family’s veterinarian. If it is deemed that the problem is genetic in origin the breeder will pay for this testing.
Just like a human being a dog can be subject to many ailments in the course of their life. Only some of these ailments are genetic in origin. We strongly advise health insurance be purchased. A bill of more than $500 for a serious illness is not unusual during the life of an active dog and the least expensive package of pet insurance will cover anything beyond $500.
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