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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Contact Jean for more information:

A Litter of Beautiful Miniature Labradoodles has been born to our Agatha and Canadoodles' Ewok. These puppies are available!

gold Labradoodle puppy in Valentine box

Moon's Sweet Alexander and Moon's Loving Kind Rosetta

Alexander is smart and funny.  Always up for a cuddle.  He loves to sit for his kibble.  Rosetta is gracious and beautiful.  Calm and loving, our Rosetta steals hearts. Rosetta will be a silver girl when she is grown.  

silver Labradoodle puppy

Cleopatra should have a glossy black coat when she is grown.  She is a happy girl and always a favourite with children who visit.  Cleo loves to play and run outside and is hoping for a family who enjoys a good walk.  

We call him Karni and he is a delight.  Every day puppies at our house play in the living room and Karni is often the first to find a knee to cuddle on and watch the world go by.  He is one of the smaller puppies and seems to always see the bright side of everything.

Black Labradoodle puppy
black labradoodle puppy miniature

Luxor is a funny wee boy.  Delicate and quick he is a puppy that will always make us smile.  Luxor loves to play with the toys and practise his sitting.  He likes to go walkabout but is not upset if it is too snowy or raining because he is just as happy to be in by the fire.   

With his soulful eyes and silky long ears Aswan…our Swanny is the romantic hero of puppies.  He is a muse, a poet and communicates with us in a very special way.   Moon’s The Heart of Aswan is going to be  a very special dog.  

Labradoodle Puppies in B.C . Available Now

We welcome our beautiful litter of eight miniature labradoodles.
Labradoodle puppies with ancestors from the original Personal Assistance dog program in Australia


chocolate 6 week old labradoodle
chocolate labradoodle with newborn puppies

Now only one little boy, Carlin is available from this litter of four.   chocolate. He is a delightful chocolate puppy.  He should be under 20 pounds when is grown.  These little Labradoodles are easily carried, ready to go under the seat of a plane in a travel bag but sturdy and athletic enough to cross country ski and hike if you so wish.  

Miniature Labradoodle Puppies have arrived!

We have eight beautiful puppies who will be in the fifteen pound range when grown. There are two black girls, Cleopatra and Rosetta. There are two golden boys, Nile and Alexander and four glossy non shedding black boys, Aswan, Karnak, Cairo and Luxor.
Proud miniature Labradoodle mum, Amber with her puppies. These puppies will be in the 15 pound range and will be ready to go to their homes at the end of January. Please call Jean to find out which would be the puppy for your family. We like to match puppy energy and personality with that of the waiting family.

Available Labradoodle Puppy. -- What To Know When you Call Jean

Before our puppies find the right home we ask what the family’s plan is for the puppy during the work week.
We chat to potential families about their expectations of their puppy and try to find the puppy best suited to their household.
This makes life easier and happier for both the family and the puppy.