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Manicure / Pedicure For Puppies

My nails are always lovely because every six weeks I go to the groomer.  She fusses over me and makes sure I am always at my stunning best.  Little puppies have nails that need a trim quite often, long before they need to go to the groomer.  It’s not hard or scary to trim their nails because they have been holding out their paws for the job since they were three weeks old.

Buy some little nail clippers from any pet shop.  They have a size just for puppies.  If your puppy is several months old you can use regular size clippers.  Just take off the pointy end.  If you do this regularly puppy won’t mind and it will keep her comfortable.  Imagine walking on claws that hit the ground before you do!

My puppies have little dew claws on their front feet so don’t forget to check for them as well.

…..A Mani pedi is such a great thing.


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