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Over The Moon Labradoodle Mothers

Perhaps the perfect labradoodle puppy fo you will come from one of our Australian labradoodle mothers.
Our labradoodle breeding dogs are descendents of the Service Australian Labradoodles first bred in Australia.

Motherhood: All Love Begins and ends there. Robert Browning.


Darling Eva Betsy is our truly miniature Labradoodle mother at 17 pounds.
Eva lives with her guardian family in Nelson B.C.

She has a delightful personality and is a devoted mother. She has given us four lovely litters.  We have a litter for four delightful chocolate puppies right now.  One delightful boy is still available from this litter. We are so happy that we have a puppy to carry on this lovely line.

Eva has OFA good hips and Elbows.
Size: True miniature – 17 pounds.
Registered as Moons Eva Betsy
WALA #00016297


Amber is our sweet, affectionate larder miniature girl. She is the daughter of FernRidge Heart Throb James Cagney that we co-owned with Karen and Tom of Canadoodles. Her mother is our larger medium girl, Bella. She definitely took after her diminutive dad.

She is very happy living with our Agatha and Dmitri Semenoff and Jennifer Wetmore and their family. We have an amazing litter of eight puppies from our Amber.  She is a wonderful mum.  We have puppies from this litter available now and almost ready to go home.

Amber has OFA Good Hips and Elbows.
Size: Larger Miniature – 22 pounds.
Registered as Moons Amber
ALAA #078058
WALA #00016299

Agatha our Smaller Medium Labradoodle Mother

Aggie is the daughter of our big girl, Bella In The Dell who is now retired and Canadoodles smaller boy, Tori’s Trooper Cooper who is also retired. She took after dad and is a very small Medium Girl. We are thrilled that wonderful Agatha has a charming litter of puppies. They have her sweet devotion to people and dad’s playful nature.
Please see our available puppy photos and know that an Agatha puppy is really all that an Australian Labradoodle can be.
AGATHA has OFA Good hips and elbows.
She is a Medium – 27 pounds
Registered as Moons Agatha the Brave
WALA #00068503


Shelby is the daughter of our retired Ginger Peachy AKA Carmella and the grand daughter of Savannah. Both Shelby and Savanna are our pets and are two of the three grown up dogs that live with us.
We thought we had spoiled Shelby a little and perhaps she wouldn’t be a devoted mother but we were wrong. Shelby loved her puppies and loves everybody’s puppies just like her grandma Savannah.
She gave us a beautiful, charming multicoloured litter last year and we are looking forward to more from our darling girl.
Shelby has OFA good hips and elbows.
She is a large medium – 40 pounds
Registered As Moons Shelby Indigo
WALA # 0006873


Our Capri is a grown up.
Capri is from a line of standard Australian Labradoodles and will most likely produce puppies in the 40 pound range.
Capri has OFA good hips and elbows.
Resgistered as Over The Moon Capricious Capri
WALA 00036040
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