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Over The Moon Labradoodle Studs

Our boys are available as stud dogs to approved labradoodle breeders.
Our Labradoodle breeding dogs are descendants of the Service Australian Labradoodles first bred in Australia.

Canadoodles Morgan Freeman

We are Grateful to Canadoodles for allowing us to use this lovely boy to father Agatha’s litter.
Morgan is larger miniature boy who is registered with WALA He has a lovely fleece coat and a darling personality. His test results were good and we are very excited about this upcoming litter.
Morgan is WALA 00031059

Medium Australian Labradoodle stud dog Puppy Patch Paul Newman

Our medium Australian Labradoodle Newman was bred by Puppy Patch Labradoodles. We co-0wn him with Canadoodles Australian Labraddoodles.
Newman has a beautiful curly non shedding coat and a lovely nature.
Newman is 17 inches and 32 pounds. He is part of the Wilson family and enjoys playing with the children. nature. He is affectionate and a wonderful companion. His hips are OFA good and elbows OFA normal.
WALAA 00064439

Canadoodles' Ewok Handsome and Petite Labradoodle Stud

We are so happy to have this darling Micro Mini boy as a mate to our little Amber. He is from Canadoodles Australian Labradoodles and lives in Grand Forks with his guardian family. Ewok is a cheerful and playful boy and we are excited at the prospect of puppies from him.
Ewok is 13 inches and weighs 12 pounds.

Miniature Labraoodle stud a Charming addition to our breeding Program

This is Jonesy, a beautiful miniature labradoodle from Van Isle Labradoodles now belonging to Canadoodles Australian Labradoodles. We thank these two careful breeder for the use of this marvellous boy. Jonsey is beautiful with a soft luxurious coat and a sweet disposition. We are looking forward to a family from Jonesy at the very start of 2024.
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