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Labradoodle Puppy’s First Days

Dear People,

I remember the day I came home. We drove all the way from Seattle and I had
a litter box in the van. Everybody thought I was adorable when I was set down in the living room. I was so excited I peed.

Labradoodle mother Guini standingOops. Mums had put me down on the ground in the garden for a few minutes but I was sniffing the new sniffs and didn’t get around to the peeing part. I guess it takes a little longer than mums thought.

Note to everybody…..patience with the pee because it comes eventually and it comes every hour to hour and a half if your puppy is awake.
That first day they lifted me up on the couch for a cuddle. I loved it! I have been a couch potato ever since. Oh well. It’s an old couch and I’m only fifty pounds.


Note to good housekeepers…..if you don’t want Fluffy to live on the couch don’t give her a happy couch experience that first day.

Woofs to all

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